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Q: What is an online shopping account and the benefits of having one?

The online shopping account makes for a more efficient checkout process, easy reference of order history, saving wishlist items for later, and storing billing/shipping information. 

Q: If I order multiple items will they ship all in the same shipment?

If the items are ready to ship at different times then they may be delivered in separate shipments. 

Q: What if I don't know my order number?

You may review your order history through your online shopping account. If you don't have one, you may contact customer service at

Q: What if my merchandise is incorrect or damaged?

We apologize if any of your items are less than perfect. Matters like these are taken very seriously at HofA. Email us at 

Q: What is the Pre-Order process?

At the purchase of a pre-order item, the customer will pay for the item. Once the order arrives from the brand, a notification will be sent. The same return & exchange policies are followed for pre-ordered items. 

Q: What if your return/exchanges policy?

Please refer to the SHIPPING & REUTNS page.